What We Do

How can we help you?

  • Financial and retirement planning
  • Harvesting Plan for retirement assets/income
  • Investment allocation for long term growth potential
  • Tax reduction and deferral advice
  • Financial protection for dependents
  • Planning for potential incapacity
  • Determining when you can retire
  • Maximizing your existing 401k/403b/457b plan
  • Consolidation of investment/401k accounts
  • Saving more/decreasing debt
  • Timing of Social Security
  • Intergenerational planning
  • Caring for elderly parents and special needs dependents
  • Mortgage and real estate decisions
  • Retirement plans for your small business
  • Income protection
  • Charitable giving planning
  • Pension decisions
  • Impact of changing jobs
  • Estate Planning/Trust Planning
  • Long Term Care, Disability & Life Insurance
  • College planning
  • Medicare
  • IRA/Roth contributions
  • Free initial meeting...whatever is on your mind, we are here to help!

Retirement planning does not end at retirement. Continued growth of assets for income throughout retirement and leaving a legacy remains important for most. With people now living 10-40 years in retirement, many will have trouble making their assets last, especially with inflation and taxes decreasing the value of that money over time. Roger's Harvesting Plan can help.

Roger was invited by Gwinnett Magazine to talk about the various stages of your investment life. What stage are you in, and what additional steps should you take to make sure your plan is on track?