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  • Financial and Retirement Planning
  • Investments and Investment Allocation for Long Term Capital Appreciation
  • Savings & Withdrawal Advice - "Harvesting" Plan for Assets
  • College Planning
  • 401K Rollovers & Allocation Advice
  • Estate Planning/Trust Planning
  • Long Term Care, Disability & Life Insurance
  • Small to Midsize Company Retirement Plans of all Types
  • Tax Reduction & Deferral Advice
  • Educational Classes
  • Free Initial Consultation...here to help!
  • Retirement Planning Courses at 

Class Topics include:

Retirement Goal Setting  

Impediments to Accumulating Assets  

Creating your own Retirement Harvesting Plan  

Diversification/Asset Allocation

How to withdraw from diversified assets in your retirement - "Harvesting Plan"

How to minimize the negative impact of inflation and taxes

How underestimating the impact of inflation and taxes can hurt you

The power of compounding

The main reasons people fail, so you can avoid them

How to factor Bear Markets into your strategy

Roth IRAs versus regular IRAs, and which is right for you

How to limit the effect taxes have on your IRA  

Investment Strategies for Long Term Capital Appreciation  

Protecting against the financial drain of Long Term Care

Estate Planning

and more.....

Classes are educational. Information presented is generic in nature and not product or investment specific. No sales pitches are made during these classes.

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